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This is my good longtime friend Michele, just after a concert performed with his band Overload back when we were in university.

The Last Internationale

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The Last Internationale are from New York, and play a powerful dark rock n roll. I like red.


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Alessandro is the singer and guitarist in the glam-industrial band Medullary Paralysis, and it seems he doesn’t really care for the cuddly.


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At the time of the picture Alessandra was one half of the band Mail & Chocolate, now a trio. She plays the piano and sings, as you can probably tell by… um… nevermind.


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Mickey is a talented guitarist and songwriter that fronts the indie rock band called New Ivory.

Phill Reynolds

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I’ve known Silva for a very long time, and he’s always been quite the charachter. Extremely funny and very thoughtful at the same time, he’s currently developing and performing as his one-man-band solo persona, Phill Reynolds.