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Filippo and I have been playing together in a couple of bands for more than ten years now, if I think about it I almost can’t believe it’s been so long. Oh, the old age.


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Giulia is a guitarist and aspiring graphic designer with amazing hair. Has a fascination with wolves and wants to live in a farm.


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Breon is an actor from Detroit who was visiting friends (he calls them his second family) here in Italy last Christmas, and was going to move back to the US after traveling Europe as a performer for several years.


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As a conscious step away from my familiar territory, which is the land of “candid shots of friends when we go out”, last year I decided I was going to learn how to direct models.

Phill Reynolds

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I’ve known Silva for a very long time, and he’s always been quite the charachter. Extremely funny and very thoughtful at the same time, he’s currently developing and performing as his one-man-band solo persona, Phill Reynolds.